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ann lowe

Ann is a self-employed writer and one of 3 founding Directors of The Resilience Programme. Along with a team of highly experienced Associates, she empowers individuals and teams to work better together. Through innovative and creative methods she communicates the ethics and principles of psychotherapy and coaching - respect, non judgmental attitudes and an open and creative mindset - at a level which is accessible and applicable in every workplace. The focus is on interpersonal relationships, creativity and moving people from being focused on tasks to a wider understanding of the possibilities when we enter a state of flow.

Outside of The Resilience Programme, Ann has the pleasure of a portfolio career which includes offering marketing, communications and graphic design services to The Hope Street Centre, Brightstone Clinic, EasyBusinessAdmin and of course The Resilience Programme. She also founded Whisper Words through which she offers CV, application form, personal statement and web contact writing services to private clients. In the past Ann has worked for AXA PPP healthcare, writing employee engagement communications for a number of high profile clients, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Accenuture.