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our values

our values - living resilience, teaching resilience 
We are a small tightly-knit team which has delivered consistently high quality training with excellent outcomes. Some of the qualities that have enabled us to achieve this are:
  • discipline. We keep our promises and deliver what we say we will do, on time. Skill – we are good at what we do, and we keep striving to become better. We recognise our limitations and do not promote ourselves beyond our capabilities. If a customer requests something that is outside our capabilities we prefer to turn down the business rather than deliver a poor result.
  • effort. We all put a lot of effort into delivering the best we are capable of, even if we are not being paid for all the hours we put in. We do this because we recognise that delivering quality will benefit everyone in the long term.
  • communication. We aim to communicate effectively and respond in a timely way to communications from other team members and clients. This enables us to do a lot of our development remotely.
  • integrity. We are self-aware and conscious of our limitations. We strive to work with each other in an adult way, which involves keeping ego and inner child under control, and being honest about challenging situations that arise. Fairness – we recognise that at times workloads and rewards will not always be proportionate and are quick to discuss any issues of unfairness as they arise. 
  • shadow. We recognise the shadow elements in what we do. Resilience is not about being “nice” or superficially attractive, it involves facing genuine human emotions such as fear, hostility, jealousy, envy, greed, shame, guilt. We are alert to the shadow in our client organisations, and that we can be affected by this. Resilience – we work on our own personal resilience, which includes being aware when our own stress levels are too high, or that a colleague is becoming overwhelmed.

The above are principles we strive to attain, and we are not claiming that we achieve them all the time. We recognise that there is much to be learned from honest mistakes and failures, provided that these are handled professionally.

[Image: It's not easy to find imagery to illustrate abstract qualities like values. I chose this photo because of the kind motorist who paused and made a gap for me in a long queue while I took the shot - MT]