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coaching for resilience

The coaching sessions provided during the Resilience Programme will enable you to get the most from the workshops and seminars, and help you to work on any specific areas you wish to develop.

Coaching is a process for:

  • unlocking your potential
  • helping you to get the most out of life and work
  • freeing you to develop your innate abilities
  • discovering your own answers to daily challenges
  • creating the satisfying and fulfilling life that you have always wanted.

The techniques of resilience coaching can be focused on achieving any goals you wish. Coaching opens up choice, enabling you to be the master of your own destiny. Where this will lead is up to you - it could be more creativity, more fulfilling relationships, more success, more rewarding work, more fun and relaxation - all these are possible for you.

Coaching is about achieving results. Most of us have thought about things we would like to do, but have either never started them, or have started but not seen them through to completion. Resilience coaching will help you to overcome the barriers to getting started, and once started to maintain your motivation until your goals are reached.  It uses the power of commitment - at each step of the process your coach will be encouraging you to commit to taking the next step towards your goal. Your coach will help you to select actions that are achievable and measurable, and reinforce your motivation to carry out those actions.

We encourage you to replace negative or limiting beliefs with a positive attitude. Negative beliefs are often indicated by words such as couldn't, can't, or won't. By replacing these limiting beliefs by positive ones represented by words such as could, can and will we are programming our subconscious minds for success rather than failure.