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Your opportunity to be a philanthropist

Earlier in the year I participated in an interesting course on Coursera called "Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence". It described how the latest research in neuroscience can help to improve the leadership skills of managers. The course leaders are now looking for funding to continue the research, and are hoping to raise the money via crowdsourcing. The following is an extract from their proposal:

You are a pioneering new brand of leader whose appetite for research on emotional intelligence and neuroscience inspires us. To provide those who participated in the MOOC with even greater tools and understanding to create a sea change in effective leadership, it is imperative that we continue our studies. Leadership matters. Teams, families, organizations and communities thrive and adapt with effective leadership. Sadly, research shows that most people in leadership positions do not add much value. Chronic stress, lack of effective training and socialization create ineffective or dissonant (i.e., disengaged and out of touch) leadership which results in tremendous waste and loss of talent. We are beginning to get inside the brains of leaders and discover how they think and feel – and how fast it all happens. The effect of being able to see inside the brain is transformative – finally we are getting insight into the fundamental neurobiological constraints which determine what actually works, versus what is only a good idea in principle.

If you feel that this is a worthwhile project you can contribute by going to the site below, - donations start from as little as $1.