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feedback and testimonials

In a survey of 50 delegates, 92% of those who responded felt that The Resilience Programme would make a difference to the way that they do their job, and 100% felt that they were able to address and explore issues relevant to them in the workplace.

Here are some of the lovely things that people have said about their experience on The Resilience Programme…

"Your presentation was excellent, the feedback from the health & safety professionals present was extremely positive, one member saying it was the best presentation we have had! Stress is one of those subjects we think we know something about but is rarely discussed in our profession yet by the title of our role we are responsible for health as well as safety."

Roy Jackson, Health & Safety Manager at Port Meirion Group feeding back following a presentation we gave to the IOSH in August 2014...

"We had great responses on your programme, namely the explanation of the signs of stress and how the brain operates, and, therefore, impacts on behaviour through stressful situations as well as the follow-up coaching sessions with some of the Managers.  Thank you for the great work you did with the team"

Talent Delivery Manager, Major Rail Company

‘I went into this programme very sceptical about what I would get from it. However I found it a very enjoyable experience and came away with some excellent tools that can be used both in work and day to day situations.’

‘It made me think about myself and put into context events that have happened in the past and how they have shaped my personality. Altogether it has been a very rewarding experience’.

‘The Resilience Programme helped me to detect symptoms of stress in others and myself. It also helped with my confidence in presenting in groups.’

‘I feel more able to interact with people differently based on understanding their individual needs.’

After the workshop, I feel that I have a greater understanding of myself and my team, as well as some practical ways of making myself more resilient.’

‘I’m looking forward to putting the practical tips into action!’

'I think that it is also a good environment for everyone to say what they find ‘difficult’ and then to hear how others ‘deal’ with these situations. I don’t think we share enough information with each other about past experiences and what we learned from it. How would we do it differently next time.'

‘I have developed a more positive attitude, and am more aware of others' needs.’ I’ve started to the use relaxation techniques to reduce my stress levels which is having an effect on the way I manage my work.’

‘I use the positive thinking techniques in the workplace and in team meetings to boost confidence and self awareness.’

Thank you to you and the team for a great session. I really enjoyed it and thought we covered a lot in the time we had. I took away the stuff about how long the cortisol regulation of anxiety spikes takes to re-regulate itself after prolonged over use. This is very useful in my psychological work.

I liked the use of Maslow’s hierarchy and the 18 factors in resilience which I printed from your website.

What I really liked about the presentation style was the passion and commitment to the material. Good, well thought out models too. No negative sandwich – just a good experience.

The Day was good and I enjoyed. It has give me lots to think about 

 I enjoyed the seminar, it was very interesting and I know my colleagues found it most useful and insightful. I have forwarded your email to the others and I’m sure they will respond with nothing but positive feedback