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Aggravation or Tribulation? Why you may not be as stressed as you think you are.

How do we know if we are truly stressed, or simply caught up in a series of frustrations? Joanne Gibb explores the factors that create stress in the 21st century.

case study 1 - stress-related absence

from stress to resilience

how one blue chip organisation in Cheshire moved from a culture of stress to a culture of resilience

case study 2 - maintaining low absence rates

for the second year running, a key client of The Resilience Programme
has kept sickness absence due to work related stress at zero


One on One Coaching is a core element in our programme, and our clients consistently feed back that they would like to have access to regular support whilst they work towards their goals.

innovation, growth, competitive edge

A testimonial from a key client who have embraced The Resilience Programme for the last 3 years and experienced unprecedented results.

organisational profiling

The benefits of profiling - a deeper look at your vision and culture

Programme Brochure

This brochure outlines the approaches used when working with organisations and the individuals and teams that work in them, and how the programme is designed to understand and respond to the unique needs of each.

the personal resilience programme

The Resilience Programme we have developed is based upon extensive experience of coaching and helping business people to become more effective.

The Resilience Workshop

The individual resilience workshop - a day to increase resilience

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