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personal stress mastery - 1

To Make ANY change to Your Behaviour You MUST Become More Self-Aware

Any good Therapist, Coach or Trainer will teach you – you can’t make habitual changes in your life until you become aware of those habits and the effect they are having on ‘You’. So would this be a really apt moment to take time to look at ‘What’ and ‘Who’ are you?

Obviously you are not just your physical body with a brain housed at the top of it. ‘You’ are also an emotional being that responds to situations with a whole range of feelings from deep negativity to blissful joy.

But wait, you are even more than just physical and emotional. You have an intellect. Regardless of how intelligent or unintelligent you feel you are amazing! You’re a person who is capable of simple and complex thoughts. You have logic. You can see a ‘problem’ (challenge) and You can create a solution. Not something most other animals on the planet can do. Let’s compare your brain power to that of the latest computer. Your brain has a 100 million MIPS worth of processing power! (Million Computer Instructions Per Second.) Recent Super-computers only have a few million.

Then there is your Spirit/Soul/Higher self/Super sub-conscious – call it what you will. This part of you is unbiased, unconditionally caring and is non-judgemental despite knowing every single thing you have ever done be it good, bad or ugly! This is your Centre – it’s your ‘all knowing’ part. You know that nagging feeling we’ve all had when we are doing something that isn’t truly in the interest of our overall wellbeing? You may experience this as your ‘Conscience.’

Think about this for a moment…. In the history of the planet since humans came on board, there has never been ANYBODY identical to you in every single way physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That makes ‘YOU’ a very unique individual.

Where you may not be so different however, is in that the majority of people compare their own worst traits, habits and behaviours to others best. So unfair and completely counter productive to a happier life. The funny thing is, those people you have compared yourself to in such in imbalanced way, are doing exactly the same with you. YOU are much better than you think!

ACTION 1 - ‘Let’s Get Physically Aware!’

Decide today to take 15 minutes out of your 24 hour day every day for just 1 week. Time to meet you again. This will make a huge difference to your self-awareness level. Use this opportunity to get in touch with yourself. You need to be in a space where you are undisturbed by people and technology. Get comfortable but not too comfortable that you doze. Remember - this is your chance to become more aware of your internal world.

Take 10 deep breaths breathing in relaxation and breathing away tension.

Firstly notice how you are feeling physically. How can you get your body more comfortable? What can you hear close by and in the distance? Allow the sounds to be there. What light patterns can you see behind your closed eyes? Allow these to be there too. Are you warm or cool? What does it feel like to notice the rise and fall of your chest? Get even more comfortable. You deserve this time with yourself. LISTEN to your body and what it is telling you. Recognise that by deep breathing and becoming more still you are giving your cells the one of the three things they absolutely love –oxygen. (Nutrition and water are the other two important things.)

By becoming more physically self-aware you can observe changes early on to take action to improve your health or to take your even closer towards optimum health.

ACTION 2 - ‘Let’s Get Emotionally Aware!’

By learning to observe and listen to your emotions you can decipher these ‘Messengers’ as your own Personal Alerting System reminding you to be more ‘Pro-Active' in life rather than ‘Reactive’ to it. Our internal world creates our outer one. If we are in constant turmoil within, that will ultimately show up in our physical world. If we can find an inner peace or ‘centeredness’ regardless of what life is presenting us with this will manifest in your day to day too. Don’t believe me? Ask any person you consider to be successful this question – ‘’Do you focus on the negative things and challenges of life or do you focus on what you DO have or CAN do right now?’’ According to research people with a positive attitude live longer. You can decide right now which attitude you choose to become.

ACTION 3 - ‘Let’s Get Mental!’

Is your mind racing? Are you constantly bombarding your self with negative self-talk? Are you finding it difficult to stay focussed? By regularly checking in with your mental state you can ‘spot’ the stress signals that you are over doing it, not taking time for yourself or need more relaxation or fun or time. Controlling your mind chatter takes practise. Practise is just repetition and when we repeat an action over and over, it becomes automatic. This is how you learned to eat with a knife and fork or tie your shoe lace. This is how you can become more ‘still’ –practise!

And how do you stop the self-sabotaging negative put downs? Forgive yourself! After all, you are human. You are not a computer, a robot or a machine. You are a wonderful, complex, amazing emotional being. You WILL make mistakes. Welcome to the world of successful people! They just made more mistakes than others and CHOSE to learn from them. You can choose to do the same.

ACTION 4 - ‘Let’s Get Spiritual’.

This is nothing to do with whether you are religious or not. It’s about the TRUE YOU. It’s when ego is moved aside. By allowing yourself to become quiet in these focussed awareness sessions you also allow yourself to truly listen to your Spirit/Soul/Higher self/Super sub-conscious. Here lies the answers to all your questions about what is right for you.

Nobody knows you better than YOU. Give yourself the credit and value you truly deserve and there will be no limit to who you can evolve into.