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from stress to brilliance

Layers shift and press,geologic stress bears down, makes brilliant result
a hyku by www.grumpygranny.wordpress.com

As the above Hyku suggests, the beauty of a diamond comes from an incredible response to adversity. Indeed, there is no difference between a lump of coal and a diamond. A diamond is simply coal that has been put under extreme pressure.

So, what can managers, employees and individuals learn from this process?

Firstly, we can recognise the pressures on us and know that they offer the potential for transformation to occur. In times of pressure, diamonds, amazing work or successful teams can be created. We can also look to the scientific process for further insight into resilient teams.

Under extremely high temperatures and pressure, carbon atoms bond together to start forming crystals. The carbon atoms bond to four others atoms, locking into place and producing a repeating network that grows large enough to produce crystals. Each of these crystals – one diamond – represents billions of carbon atoms that have all had to lock into place to form this wonderfully strong

They need each other to survive the pressure and heat, and instantly bond over it. Through this bonding, they not only withstand these daunting circumstances, but overcome them in the most magnificent way possible.

*Information about scientific process sourced from www.beautyredefined.net

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