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Stress Management 

If stress is a problem in your organisation there are a number of ways we can help. Stress management strategies can be put in place, firstly identifying the causes of stress, educating employees in techniques for coping better, and providing assistance for staff who are already suffering symptoms.

Psychological Therapies 

Sometimes stress is caused by more complex factors, both inside and outside the workplace. Accidents and traumatic events, bullying and harassment, illness, alcohol and drug abuse are all contributory factors that can be addressed by psychological therapies.  

Executive Coaching 
can help individuals to be more successful in their personal objectives, through clarifying goals, increasing motivation, improving morale and overcoming limiting thought patterns and behaviours. Senior staff can be helped through coaching to identify skills that they need to acquire in order to become better managers. 

Complementary Therapies

A wide range of complementary therapies are available to help reduce stress and boost wellbeing. Body therapies such as massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and reiki can help to release the energy blocks in the body that lock in tension. Yoga is an excellent way of improving health through postures and relaxation. Herbal medicine can boost the immune system, improve liver functioning to help eliminate toxins, and help to relieve a wide range of ailments.

Workshops and Group Facilitation

Where an organisation is going through a period of change, or working relationships are coming under strain, sometimes it can be helpful to organise a group activity led by independent facilitators. Such an activity needs to be carefully planned and properly organised to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.